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Autum and Winter at Longleat

We may be enjoying a traditional British summertime, but Longleat, nestled on the rural border of Somerset and Wiltshire is preparing for a spectacular autumn and winter season at their Astonishing Kingdom.

Sky Safari – Beautifying the skies above Wiltshire and Somerset with over 150 balloonsfrom 13th to 15th September, Sky Safari, Longleat’s very own hot air balloon festival , is promising to be an incredible sight, with more special-shaped balloons than ever before. The biggest annual hot air balloon festival in Europe, and fast becoming a regular date in the calendar is back – bigger, bolder and balloon-ier than ever. During the September weekend the skies above the Estate will come to life with all the vibrant colours of the rainbow as countless hot air balloons take to the air in an astounding procession of finesse. Followed in the evenings by a stunning night glow set to music – a sight not to be missed!

Longleat House sets the stage for the Sk

Great British Autumn – A celebration of the season
From 26th October to 3rd November, the historic Estate will not only be blooming with beautiful, crisp autumnal colours but will be celebrating the season with a wonderfully whimsical half term event, the Great British Autumn. During this event, guests have the opportunity to join in with all sorts of harvest-season activities and for younger visitors, activities such as pumpkin carving and ride-on tractors are on offer. Come together during the day and experience one of the marvellous Owl Displays. Feel the breeze of a African spotted owl gliding above your heads, see the adorably small burrowing owl and be astonished by the iconic European eagle owl.

Fantastic Fireworks – Dazzling night-sky displays
How about an evening of dazzling fireworks? On 25th and 26th October, as well as 1st and 2nd November, the night sky above the park will be aglow with sensational colours and lights as Fantastic Fireworks returns to Longleat. A sensational soundtrack will accompany the breathtaking fireworks – the perfect end to your day at Longleat.

The Festival of Light – First lanterns revealed
The year culminates with the astonishing Festival of Light, returning for its sixth year. The much-anticipated festive lantern spectacle will showcase ‘Myths and Legends’. It draws inspiration from epic stories from around the world; from the gods and magical beings of ancient Greece, to heroic tales of British folklore. Expect to see Pegasus, the Genie in the lamp, the Kraken and the Chimera, not to mention Zeus, Hercules, Medusa, Aphrodite and so many more.


Not only will the Estate be gleaming with lanterns, but Longleat House itself will come to life with a roaring twenties Christmas party theme. 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the House being opened to the public, by the 6th Marquess of Bath. He planned to recreate the heyday of his youth, so in this spirit the House will be decorated to match and will feature a world premiere of archive film footage, taken by the 6th Marquess himself. Within the House, there will also be an exhibition linking to the Festival of Light’s ‘Myths and Legends’ them; featuring both King Arthur and the story of Merlin magicking immense stones from Ireland to create Wiltshire’s iconic Stonehenge.


All of these events are included in a Group Day Ticket. Pre-booked groups of 12+ can access 

exclusive discounts and perks such as generous reductions to entry price, free driver meal vouchers and tickets, and complimentary organiser tickets.


T: 01985 844328

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